Data Centre Maintenance & Support

Avoid unplanned
downtime & costly issues

Ensure business continuity with data centre maintenance and support tailored to your requirements. From remote monitoring to onsite testing and emergency response services. For public and private sector data centres of all sizes.

Acting as an extension
of your IT & Facilities teams

Get the technical and infrastructure support you need. Ensure you have total visibility across
your environment and that any skill gaps are covered.

24/7 support

Get immediate remote and phone support from experienced technicians 24/7.

Security cleared

All our engineers are cleared to work on highly sensitive sites, including government and military environments.

4-hour emergency response

Have an emergency? We can have an emergency response team with you on-site within 4 hours (24/7).

Bespoke data centre maintenance & support


Maximise uptime
with proactive maintenance

Whether it's mechanical, electrical, environmental, or security – we help you proactively maintain your environment. Get a bespoke maintenance plan that works for your business, which may include:

Preventive maintenance visits (PMVs)

On-site inspections and reviews carried out by our experts, scheduled semi-annually.

Condition-based maintenance

Involves conducting maintenance based on when IoT sensors predict risk of equipment failure.

Data centre and electrical system maintenance

Is an ongoing comprehensive process that covers every element of data centre maintenance.


Prevent downtime
& component damage

Often, businesses neglect regular testing protocols. But if components fail, it can have catastrophic consequences on your data centre – including prolonged periods of downtime and expensive repairs. That's why it's crucial to test rigorously and often.

We offer a range of testing protocols to help:

  • Identify potential issues & areas for improvement
  • Maintain availability & infrastructure health
  • Ensure compliance adherence
Loadbank testing
Disaster recovery testing
Black building testing
Cooling system testing
Fire suppression & detection system testing
Network redundancy testing
Security systems testing
Environmental stress testing
Power quality testing

Monitoring & Management

We ensure nothing gets
missed so your teams can
focus on the day-to-day

First, we check that everything's working as it should, and that all your software and firmware is up-to-date.

Then we ensure you have full visibility over what's going on across your environment. Plus:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Automated real-time alerts
  • Improved incident response
  • Custom compliance reporting
  • Enhanced security monitoring
  • Capacity planning assistance

Why partner with Efficiency IT?

Get support wherever you're based even if you have limited space or a remote setup.

Minimise your energy consumption and prepare for the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) with help from our consultants and certified engineers who put sustainability first.

A proud partner of Scheider Electric, the world leader in energy management and sustainability.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure minimal downtime during maintenance activities?

The key lies in our preventive approach, which involves proactive monitoring and testing. This means we can identify and resolve issues before they cause downtime.

Any planned maintenance activities are usually conducted during off-peak hours or at times preferable to you.

Also, our technicians are highly experienced in maintaining high-availability environments – which means they provide quick, accurate maintenance, reducing the likelihood of prolonged periods of downtime.

What kind of support can we expect in the event of an emergency?

With remote diagnostics, we can work with your teams to quickly identify and start addressing the issue immediately.

If on-site support is needed, our 24/7 rapid response team can be with you on-site within 4 hours – with all the necessary tools and replacement parts to ensure a swift resolution.

After any critical event, get support with post-emergency analysis. Plus get a report that outlines the incident, the steps taken to resolve it, and recommendations to mitigate risk of a similar event occuring in future.

How do you manage compliance with industry-specific regulations?

We align with the specific standards and regulations of your industry. This includes—but is not limited to—ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and specific military-grade security protocols.

Our entire team has government security clearance and are available to support sensitive sites. Also, our technicians all receive regular training to ensure they stay on top of all current regulatory requirements for any industry we support.

What's more, all relevant documentation and reports you receive from us will detail the compliance steps and measures we take to maintain the highest standards of regulatory adherence.

How much do your support services cost?

Our maintenance & support services are tailored to your business requirements – which means pricing varies. However, we offer competitive pricing that flexibly scales up and down depending on your changing needs and budget.

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