Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Empower your team with one centralised hub for
all communication

  • Seamlessly integrate voice, video, chat and API’s into one platform
  • Access valuable insights to enhance your teams performance
  • Rapidly elevate customer experience
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Who our UCaaS
services are perfect for?

For businesses looking to grow and improve, you might be experiencing the following:

  • You find yourself constantly switching between
communication platforms
  • Customer service feels disjointed and lacks coordination
  • You are finding it harder to scale with high costs and IT complexities
  • It’s hard to accurately analyse your data to improve performance
  • Your team and customers are overwhelmed and frustrated

Rapidly enhance customer experiences with valuable insights and seamless integration

With UCaaS, communication with customers and prospects feels effortless. With every interaction, your team can deliver a personalised service to make each customer feel uniquely valued.

Speed Up Response
Times By Up To 50%

Teams can quickly switch between communication tools without logging into separate systems, leading to more efficient responses.

Reduce Call-Handling
Times By Up To 30%

With features like call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, UCaaS can direct customers to the appropriate department or agent more quickly, reducing wait times significantly.

Reduce Miscommunication
and Human Error

Teams can easily log, record and access customer interactions from a single integrated platform, enabling real-time collaboration and reduced errors.

Enhanced Collaboration Between Teams and Customers

Barriers to effective teamwork are significantly reduced with cloud-based global access, leading to increased productivity, quicker decision-making, and a more connected and cohesive organisational culture.

Significantly Boost Customer Engagement

Engage customers through their preferred
channels while using AI-driven automations and personalisation to provide instant assistance, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Get Real-Time Analytics To
Make Impactful Decisions

Through detailed analytics, you can track communication patterns, team performance
and customer interactions - all of this helps to
identify trends and pinpoint inefficiencies to consistently improve.

All of this means that you can:

  • Increase Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Break Glass-Ceilings and Scale Faster Than Ever Before

Ready to explore the best options?

If Unified Communication sounds like what you need, we can help you find the best solution for your specific circumstances.

Our team of industry-leading experts makes it easy for you to rapidly adopt the right system, without facing the dreaded ‘software rabbit-hole’ and confusion.

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Effortlessly install a bespoke
UCaaS solution into your business

We’ll consider every element of your operations, then pull together a completely tailored solution to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. Get full 24/7 support to find, install and optimise your new communication systems to guarantee success.

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

Step 1

We’ll come into your business and help you to design a solution that encompasses your needs. Our expert team can advise on every area of your software stack to save time and money.

Step 2

We’ll install your bespoke solution based on your needs,
including any custom integrations and training needed to
onboard your team.

Step 3

Once live, we’ll offer comprehensive ongoing 24/7 guidance and support for your team to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is where you’ll optimise workflows and maximise impact.

Real Life Success Stories

We helped Motus Commercials reduce their
communications costs across their estate by over 25%


Motus Commercials is the largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group in the UK and the largest DAF trucks dealer group in the world, with 34 contact centres and over 500 agents.


With their old telephone systems, calls were split between service hubs and parts hubs, resulting in a substantial call abandonment rate and cut-off between both sides of the business.


A new telephony system was integrated into the company's existing processes, enabling automated ring-back features, omnichannel communication and wallboard performance management.


After installing their new systems, Motus Commercials were able to increase operational efficiency and team performance, while also reducing their communications costs by over 25%.

Got questions?
Well, we’ve got answers.

Find some of our most-asked questions below. If you have a question that isn’t covered, please reach out by clicking here - our door is always open.

What's the difference between UCaaS and CCaaS?

Like CCaaS, UCaaS (or Unified Communications as a Service) is also a cloud-based platform used by contact centres. However, UCaaS focuses on improving the internal communication and collaboration within an organisation. Some key features include file sharing, cloud storage, task management, and audio & video conferencing.

Whereas CCaaS (or Contact Centre as a Service) is designed to improve customer interactions and experiences. Some key features include AI-powered live chatbots, call queuing, interactive voice response (IVR), omnichannel support, and more.

Will 8x8's UCaaS solution integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, 8x8's UCaaS platform seamlessly integrates with over 50 platforms including CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho and more. This enables your teams to quickly access the info they need from a single pane of glass.

Also, we can help quickly integrate any of your other existing systems with custom APIs (application programming interfaces).

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