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The new Galaxy VS Series

The new Galaxy VS Series is the most innovative UPS offer on the market, targeting multiple TCO sensitive and space constrained segments. All from small to medium data centers, edge, light industrial applications, healthcare, telecom, transportation & marine applications.

Galaxy VS
Addressing the customer needs for low TCO which can be achieved with the use of ECOnversion mode.
High availability provided by modular architecture of Galaxy VS & with the redundant internal Smart Modular Batteries now available with the Galaxy VS All-in-One.
Digital management including a wide range of services to support throughout the entire lifecycle of the UPS with EcoStruxure IT.

The new Galaxy VS 10-50kW All-in-One with internal Smart Modular Batteries is an extension to the successful Galaxy V Series. Offering “Offer Consistency” through the entire Galaxy V Series, stating from 10-100kW with the new Galaxy VS Series, 160 & 200kVA with the Galaxy VM, and all the way up to 500kW to 1500kW with the Galaxy VX. All Galaxy V series is offering the same great innovations like; Modular architecture for fast an safe service, ECOnversion capability for ultra-high efficiency and low TCO, Li-ion battery capability for compact and long life battery solution, Front access servicing for fast and safe service, Build-in Back feed protection, SPoT mode capability, EcoStruxure ready, 10 year design-life, Free Start-up 5 x 8 included and more…

Galaxy VS 10-50kW All-in-One key features:

Provides up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode thanks to a new patented hybrid technology - Electricity savings in full protection mode even at low load levels.
99% efficient in patented ECOnversion™ mode – Recover your initial investment within two years through energy savings - Providing lowest possible TCO.
High availability due to the build in Smart Modular Batteries providing a compact footprint & high reliable energy storage thanks to the build in monitoring of the Batteries.
Compact design – High-density technology and full front access makes Galaxy VS a footprint saver well suited for confined spaces & Modernization for Silcon, Galaxy 3500, Smart-UPS VT & none SE UPS’s
Maximum availability thanks to modular architecture – Critical system components built as modules for faster serviceability – Build in fault tolerance – Providing lowest possible mean time to repair (MTTR).
EcoStruxure IT – Anytime – anywhere monitoring and service support via smartphone app