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Includes a modular design with industry-leading Live Swap feature for small to medium size data centres and business-critical applications.

  • New 3-Phase 50-250 kW (400V) modular UPS solution with 50 kW Live Swappable power and static switch modules offers best-in-class power protection.
  • Provides highly optimised capital investment, with increased scalability and redundancy in a compact and cost-effective footprint.

Schneider Electric™ has introduced its new Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular. Available now via EfficiencyIT, this robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to protect critical loads while offering third-party verified Live Swap functionality. Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular available in 50-250 kW capacity with N+1 scalable configuration and supports the EcoStruxureTM architecture, which offers remote monitoring services.

With scalability top of mind, Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular enables you to pay as you grow, allowing you to optimise capital investment. It is a part of Schneider Electric’s Green Premium portfolio, which ensures energy efficiency, durability, recyclability, and transparency to help reduce environmental footprint. In addition, this system features advanced technology such as a high-efficiency design, intelligent battery management, real-time monitoring, and control capabilities, making it one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient UPS solutions available in the market.

Business continuity made easy

Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular enables customers to lower their capital expenditures through an optimised capex model. In addition, scheduled downtime is significantly reduced through self-diagnosing third-party certified Live Swappable power modules and static switch, thereby increasing reliability and availability in a compact footprint. Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is easy to select, configure, install, and maintain, which makes the deployment process seamless. Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is part of Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS 3-phase product portfolio, which focuses on core features to meet the needs of customers at a value price point.

"Our new Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular provides a sustainable, scalable and best-in-class power protection solution for data centres, commercial buildings, process automation and industrial manufacturing environments," said Mark Yeeles, VP, Secure Power Division, UK and Ireland. "By leveraging its Green Premium and circular capabilities, customers can reduce their carbon footprint to meet sustainability objectives without compromise.”

Easy UPS 3-Phase Modular is available now via EfficiencyIT. To learn more, contact us or try our new UPS calculator linked here.

About EfficiencyIT

Specialising in edge computing environments, cloud transformation and IT solutions, EfficiencyIT (EIT) was borne from the ideals of a like-minded group of individuals, whose intricate values and beliefs saw the data centre and IT landscape changing dramatically. Such changes called for a more dynamic approach to understanding and resolving the complex challenges faced by businesses today.

Partnered with Schneider Electric, Microsoft, 8x8, Mimecast and Cisco, EfficiencyIT continue to challenge the status quo of what is acceptable, versus what is achievable, within traditional data centre and IT infrastructures. #BornEfficient