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Easy to install and easy to use – Schneider Electric’s Easy range of mission-critical products delivers core functionality within a cost-consicous price range

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Schneider Electric's Easy Series

Featuring cost-effective, easy-to-install, operate and maintain, mission-critical products incudling Racks, PDU and UPS

Schneider Electric’s Easy Series has been designed to offer a wide range of energy conscious, mission-critical infrastructure components at a cost-competitive price point. Easy Series products are easy to install, easy to use and easy to customise, meaning they can be deployed quickly with minimum effort and resource.

The range includes key data centre and IT product lines such as racks, power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Schneider Electric Easy Series, Racks, PDUs and UPSs

Schneider Electric Easy Rack Series

Product Overview

Schneider Electric’s Easy Rack Series delivers a high-quality, robust, quick and easy-to-install range of rack enclosures and accessories at an affordable price. Racks within the range are also simple to scale, customise and accessorise.

Available in variety of sizes, Easy Racks offer world-class reliability, performance and accessibility for mission-critical IT in a multiple of applications – from network closets in colocation facilities, to industrial or remote edge or enterprise office environments.

Easy Racks are available in a range of heights, widths and depths – ranging from 24U to 48U units, to 600mm and 800mm widths and 800mm to 1200mm depth variants. The range also includes rack systems with or without sides and a flat-packed option for challenging deployment situations.

They provide a reliable, affordable and easy-to-use series of racks, accessories and components from a globally trusted brand that is synonymous with high-quality battery back-up power, data centre and edge computing infrastructure.

At a glance

  • Fast deployment in any IT environment with a feature-rich, economic rack platform.
  • Up to 81% ventilation rate on front and rear doors with static and dynamic load ratings respectively of 1200kg and 600kg.
  • Standardise all of your server and network rack requirements on one Easy Rack platform, delivering easy installation within row-based data centres, wiring closets and remote edge environments.
  • Cost effective and easy-to-use, rack-based infrastructure
  • Easy integration with racks, accessories and PDUs. Schneider Electric’s design tools ensure quick-to-design, deploy and compatible IT solutions.
  • High-quality racks from a proven industry leader offering a five-year factory warranty.

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Schneider Electric APC Easy Rack PDU family

Product Overview

Schneider Electric’s APC Easy Rack PDU family is easy to install, easy to use and offers customisable power distribution for connected loads.

From network closets and edge computing environments, to small and medium data centres, Easy Rack power distribution units provide a resilient and cost-effective power continuity solution for end-users.

PDUs in the Easy range feature a user-friendly LCD screen, a multifunctional web interface and are fully customisable by colour, cord length and outlet number.

The Easy Rack PDU family is also lighter than previous models and is designed seamlessly in aluminium housing, which makes installation quick and easy for IT professionals.

Easy Rack PDU’s suit businesses of all size and scales. From small enterprises through to large, complex data centre builds, their easy-to-use, ultra-lightweight and flexible nature means that each product fits easily into an existing IT environment with minimal time, resources or disruption to operations.

The Range

The three PDU models in the Easy Rack range are:

  • Easy Basic Rack PDU, which features an ultra-low profile, with light chassis and regional outlet options.
  • Easy Metered Rack PDU, featuring network management via the web for customisable alerts and an LCD display for-at-the-rack monitoring.
  • Easy Switched Rack PDU, which provides network management for customisable alerts and remote access for outlet switching on/off for reboots, securing outlets, outlet grouping and network port sharing, helping save network connections.

At a glance

  • Cost-competitive power distribution from a globally trusted brand.
  • Easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Flexible power monitoring and ultra-light footprint.
  • Ideal solution for SME and enterprise-level IT environments.
  • Customisable to suit unique projects and end-user requirements.
  • Each product features cyber security protocols for authentication and encryption.
  • Wide range of applications from network closets and edge computing environments to small and medium data centres.
  • All Easy Rack PDUs meet high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and safety verifications.
  • All units are shipped with toolless mounting and brackets in place, no additional accessories

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Schneider Electric Easy UPS Series

Product Overview

Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS range is one of the company’s most accessible UPS offerings to-date. It meets the needs of the professional electrical specifier and installer community, with both competitive specifications and price points.

Easy UPS products are easy to install, operate and maintain, have a lower total cost of ownership and feature unbeatable quality. As such, the range offers a versatile, affordable uninterruptible power system, ensuring business continuity for inconsistent power conditions.

Easy UPS is suitable for a wide spectrum of uses, from offices to commercial buildings, small to medium-sized data centres and industrial environments.

Easy UPS are EcoStruxure-ready™, offering simplified monitoring, management and comprehensive 24/7 services via Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Asset Advisor software.

With an optional Web/SNMP card, proactive remote monitoring enables users to mitigate emerging faults and reduce the cost of on-site servicing, while minimising the risk of unplanned downtime.

Instant access to live data via the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor mobile application ensures visibility of the UPS health and lifecycle, whether on premise or on the go, while affordable 24/7 remote troubleshooting provides peace of mind and fast issue resolution via the Schneider Electric Connected Services Hub.

The Range

The range includes:

  • Easy UPS SMVS a single-phase line-interactive UPS from 750 to 3000 VA, featuring pseudo-sinusoidal signalling, LCD display, USB port and optional SNMP card.
  • Easy UPS SRVS, single-phase online double conversion UPS available in tower and rack-mounted versions of 1 to 10 kVA. This range features manual and automatic bypass, LCD display and 2-year warranty with extended runtime via external batteries.
  • Easy UPS 3S, three-phase, online double conversion UPS, up to 96% efficiency in double conversion mode and 99% efficiency in ECO mode. Compatible with VRLA or Lithium-ion batteries, Easy UPS 3S comes complete with conformal-coated printed circuit boards, replaceable dust filters and overload protection.

At a glance

  • Greater efficiency - Up to 96% efficiency in double-conversion mode.
  • Wide input voltage range – protecting users against high fluctuations in power.
  • Intuitive LCD/LED interface – providing status updates for fast diagnostics.
  • High energy savings – Up to 99% efficiency in Schneider Electric ECO mode.
  • Fast recharging – offers up to 90% capacity with four hours charging and protects against frequent outages.
  • Easy monitoring, management, and services .
  • A wide operating temperature range and strong overload protection.

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Easy UPS 3S & 3M series

Product Overview

Quick to install. Simple to connect. Easy to use, scale and service. The Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3S offers maximum flexibility for small and medium data centres.

The Easy UPS 3S offers resilient power protection, built to robust electrical specifications with long-lasting performance that ensures business continuity.

This EcoStruxure-ready™ UPS features a wide operating temperature window and strong overload protection, all in a compact and lightweight footprint.

With its exceptional combination of low total cost of ownership, competitive specifications, and ease of installation, use, and service, the Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3S is the easy choice for your business continuity requirements.

Schneider Electric recommends purchasing Start-Up Service to optimise your system’s performance, quality, and safety.

At a glance

  • 10-200kVA, 400V.
  • Power stability and long-lasting performance.
  • Designed for quick and easy installation.
  • EcoStruxure ™ Ready.
  • Wide operating temperature window.
  • Strong overload protection.
  • Compact and lightweight footprint.
  • Start-up service included – for optimum performance, quality and safety.
  • Low cost of ownership – with competitive specifications.

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Schneider Electric Easy UPS 3L

Product Overview

Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS 3L offers extended power protection from 250kVA to 600kVA, with the addition of 250, 300 and 400 kVA 3-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for external batteries.

Easy UPS 3L simplifies and streamlines configuration and service, delivering high levels of availability and predictability to medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial applications.

Thanks to its compact size, robust electrical specifications and highly available parallel and redundant design, Easy UPS 3L protects equipment in a wide range of environments from power spikes, outages and surges. It’s 96% efficiency also adds predictability to utility costs.

Easy UPS 3L features a wide battery voltage window, accommodates a variety of battery configurations, and comes with a comprehensive range of options and accessories which makes this UPS easy to integrate into different environments.

At a glance

  • Easy UPS 3L now extends from 250 to 600 kVA with new 250, 300 and 400 kVA UPS.
  • Simplifies and streamlines configuration, use and service.
  • Ideal for medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial applications.
  • Increased reliability through EcoStruxure,enabling customers to monitor, manage and model their IT infrastructure and enjoy 24/7 remote support from anywhere, at any time.
  • Versatile architecture and parallel for redundancy or for increased capacity. Install up to five UPS in parallel for capacity, or 5+1 for redundancy.
  • Resiliency against harsh environments with conformal-coated printed circuit boards, replaceable dust filter, unity power factor and strong overload protection.

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