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In partnership with cooling specialist Iceotope and rack maker Avnet, Schneider Electric have released integrated rack with immersed, liquid-cooled IT.

Iceotope’s liquid cooling technology offers greater efficiency, lower operating costs, smaller footprint, increased reliability, and near silent operation despite the high-power density of the GPUs.

The solution is EcoStruxure Ready as is available with next generation data centre Infrastructure management (DCIM) software, EcoStruxure IT Expert and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor from Schneider Electric.


  • Single node solution including 1 immersive cooled server, 56 compute cores / 128 GB of memory / 6 V100 Tesla GPUs
  • Sealed, fan-less server ideal for harsh environments
  • Industry standard servers integrated with Iceotope’s liquid cooling technology
  • Rack includes Schneider Electric rack PDU and NetBotz rack monitor, Lenovo RackSwitch
  • Rack maximum configuration capacity: 14ea 3U Immersive-cooled GPU servers
  • In-rack dielectric fluid fill/drain from front
  • Blind-mate power and fluid connectors
  • Latch locking for quick access service
  • Integrated and supported by Avnet

As the demands of GPU intensive applications grow, ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to High Performance Computing (HPC), the need for liquid cooling will play a bigger role in the data centres and edge computing environments of the future. With a move towards increased digitization, the adoption of 5G and a greater focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, traditional air cooling may become less effective and depending on the application, may struggle to provide the same benefits as liquid cooled solutions.

The innovative collaborative design will include a GPU server in a 1U tray cooled by Iceotope's immersion cooling, integrated with Schneider's NetShelter liquid-cooled enclosure, and supported by rack and electronics maker Avnet.

Iceotope’s innovative chassis-based immersive cooling allows for near silent operation with over 95% of the heat being removed via fluid resulting in power consumption reduction of up to 10%.

The NetShelter Liquid-cooled racks are designed with a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the NetShelter Liquid-cooled enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for power-dense mission-critical equipment.

Also featuring Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure management software, it is "optimized for compute-intensive applications," including the latest AI, big data analytics and machine learning algorithm training.

As an Edge Certified Schneider Electric Partner, EfficiencyIT are perfectly placed to help you specify and deploy liquid cooling technology within your data centre environment.