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Understanding the different types of UPS systems


Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are key components of any data centre design, and ensure resilience remains the key priority for any mission-critical environment. There are many types of UPS and their properties are often misunderstood in the marketplace.

All UPSs, for example, are classified according to their output characteristics by the IEC 62040-3 UPS performance standard. In this whitepaper we explain the most important elements of the IEC standard, define five different types of UPSs, showing practical applications for each, and examine their benefits and drawbacks.

Download this white paper to:

  1. Understand the most important elements of the IEC standard
  2. Discover the key properties of UPSs
  3. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of different UPSs
  4. Make an informed decision regarding the selection of your UPS
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