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Key Attributes of Remote Monitoring and Management for Edge Computing and Hybrid IT Environments


As more enterprise businesses embrace hybrid IT architectures, today physical infrastructure assets are distributed, with IT located on-premise, at colocation data centres, and increasingly at the network's edge. This often poses management, security and resilience issues, largely because these distributed locations are in many cases, unattended, automated, and operated on a "lights out" basis.

The use of open, interoperable, and vendor-agnostic data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software is crucial for businesses and offers many benefits, including real-time visibility, data-driven insights and the ability to proactively mitigate downtime. In this whitepaper we explore the fundamental functions and qualities of a DCIM platform suited for hybrid IT and edge computing environments.

Download this white paper to:

  1. Learn how to select a DCIM or remote management platform for hybrid IT environment and edge computing sites
  2. Understand the essential functions of an open, vendor-agnostic DCIM platform
  3. Gain insight into the five key attributes that make new DCIM platforms more effective at managing these distributed sites and taking advantage of emerging technology trends
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