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Best Practices to Deploy Sustainable and Resilient Edge Data Centres


Today edge data centres must be scaled and deployed in a variety of environments to support the expansion of data-intensive, ultra-low latency applications. The power and cooling, energy efficiency, management, and maintenance difficulties of deploying edge data centres at scale are unique to each environment and requires a number of key considerations.

To reduce energy consumption, GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, and waste, data centre owners and operators must ensure sustainability remains a core value of their edge deployments, whilst ensuring their systems are designed and built to meet both performance and resiliency goals.

In this whitepaper we explore how telco and cloud designs will converge into a unified, complementary architecture, and define the three types of distributed edge data centres that are the building blocks of this convergence.

Download this white paper to:

  1. Understand how to modernise infrastructure at the networks edge
  2. Prioritise sustainability and resilience
  3. Learn about the key challenges of deploying distributed edge data centres
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