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You can’t see the critical infrastructure that lies behind every business but its’ there and it’s pumping the blood through all the right vessels to ensure it stays alive, safe and well. Technology is the vital organ to the well-being of your business and all of its assets.

Key guidance on environmental sustainability metrics for data centres

Today many businesses are reporting on sustainability measures, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, and data centre operators are required to meet strict criterion as part of…

Understanding the different types of UPS systems

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are key components of any data centre design, and ensure resilience remains the key priority for any mission-critical environment. There are many types of…

Best Practices to Deploy Sustainable and Resilient Edge Data Centres

Today edge data centres must be scaled and deployed in a variety of environments to support the expansion of data-intensive, ultra-low latency applications. The power and cooling, energy…

Key Attributes of Remote Monitoring and Management for Edge Computing and Hybrid IT Environments

As more enterprise businesses embrace hybrid IT architectures, today physical infrastructure assets are distributed, with IT located on-premise, at colocation data centres, and increasingly at the network's edge.…

Four key drivers for helping data centre operators achieve environmental sustainability

Over the last ten years energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have become business imperatives within the data centre industry. But strategies differ between operators, and many seek to…

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