Liquid cooling

Liquid cooling: The future of data centre efficiency

AI is transforming the future of data centre design and operations. Our liquid-cooled data centre solutions provide sustainable and resilient cooling for high-density workloads.

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Next-generation technologies, today

Data centres are becoming hotter and denser, and as new advancements in GPU and CPU-powered technologies force a step change in data centre power and cooling requirements, air cooling has no longer become viable for high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads.

At EfficiencyIT, we have a strong track record of designing, installing, and maintaining liquid-cooled solutions for GPU-powered data centres, working with a host of vendors to meet customers’ cooling requirements, no matter their choice of technology.

By combining best-in-class engineering capabilities with a heritage for deploying flexible cooling solutions, we support businesses seeking to leverage next-generation technologies within their mission-critical environments. Learn more about the key benefits of liquid cooling below.

Key benefits include:

Future proof your data centre

Advanced cooling solutions for workloads of +100kW per rack.

More efficient cooling

Up-to 84% Less cooling usage per kW of ITE power.

Decreased energy consumption

Up-to 40% Less power usage per kW of ITE power.

Reduced water usage

Up-to 96% less water use.

Increased sustainability

Up-to 40% less CO2 emissions.

Expert in leading liquid cooling

Direct to Chip liquid cooling

Direct-to-chip liquid cooling has fast become the preferred solution for today’s colocation and hyperscale data centre operators – providing a simple to deploy methodology which allows organisations to benefit from both air and liquid-cooled rooms.

CoolIT CPU Coldplates can accommodate a wide range of heat loads within compute-dense environments, providing a significant reduction in operating expenses (OpEx) when compared to legacy air cooling.

Precision Immersion liquid cooling

Iceotope's Precision Liquid Cooling equipment is purpose-built for data centres and high-density edge computing environments.

By integrating servers from a host of world-leading manufacturers into sealed chassis enclosures, each immersion cooled server offers 3.5 kilowatts of IT load per 16-rack deployment – a total of 56kW.

High-density prefabricated data centres

Our range of prefabricated data centre solutions, ModularDC, are precision-engineered for on-premises, edge computing, and high-density AI workloads.

Fully customisable, bespoke, and expertly designed, tested, and deployed by our data centre design and build teams, our prefabricated solutions are manufactured in the UK to meet demanding deployment timeframes for customers looking to leverage HPC and AI applications at the edge.

World-leading Alliances with NVIDIA

Our partners at Schneider Electric have recently established a new Alliance with NVIDIA, paving the way for ground-breaking advancements in edge AI and digital twins.

Through these cutting-edge data centre reference designs - tailor-made for engineering simulation, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, and generative AI applications - customers can leverage high-power, liquid-cooled data centre solutions to increase the efficiency and reliability of their high-density clusters.

Best-in-class engineering support

Today the GPU-powered servers used for training large language models (LLMs) and AI inference workloads generate high levels of heat, thereby requiring liquid cooling.

As an Elite Data Centre Partner to Schneider Electric, our customers can leverage our expertise in installing electrical, mechanical and cooling equipment.

This includes the installation of piping equipment, high-density racks, manifolds, cooling distribution units (CDUs), outdoor and rear-door heat exchangers (RDHx), and all while benefitting from best-in-class support for their chosen heat rejection solution.

Immersion liquid cooling

Submer’s next-generation immersion cooling solutions are designed to support data and energy-intense AI and HPC applications.

By combining highly-efficient and sustainable technologies, their products are designed to optimise data centre operations, using less water, less power and delivering a lower carbon footprint.

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