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Finding the future of data centre efficiency: our fireside chat at Data Centre World

The costs of powering sustainable and efficient data centres are continuing to rise. It’s time to shift our thinking towards data centre efficiency — and we’re ready to get that started at the upcoming Data Centre World event.

We’re proud to be sharing the stage with Schneider Electric and APT for one of the first sessions of this year’s Data Centre World, where our Managing Director Nick Ewing will share our company's expertise on redefining data centre efficiency, and what that looks like for our customers across life sciences, government and public sector.

Our fireside chat at DCW explores how UK data centre users in diverse sectors — ranging from healthcare and life sciences through to defence, education and enterprise — can maintain security and application uptime while attempting to critically reduce:

- Operating expenses
- Power consumption
- Carbon emissions

Our opening session will see Sophie Wilson (Account Manager, Elite Partners at Schneider Electric) asking Nick and fellow data centre consultant John Thompson (Advanced Power Technology) how they blaze a trail in ensuring IT infrastructure resilience and security in the face of some of the biggest challenges of the moment. Here’s a glimpse of what lies ahead…

Join us on Wednesday 8th March at the Excel Centre:
DCW London Conference 2023

How can we leverage the challenges posed by rising energy costs?

Our support starts with considering how costs can be proactively minimised during design and operations - whether that means metering and monitoring systems to gain greater visibility of critical infrastructures, and data that will guide decision-making, or indeed modernising legacy systems with best-in-class technologies for data centres.

This year, we’ll be coming to Data Centre World with a firm focus on the data centre solutions and components that can offer the greatest return on investment in the face of an energy cost crisis. Join our session to find out how prefabricated and modular data centres, and more, can allow customisation, flexibility and efficiency for power and cooling systems, so that your data centres will only ever use the energy they really need.  

How can we drive modernisation, and what does that mean for managing my facilities?

Attempting to keep up with the latest trends can be tricky and tiresome, no matter your sector or size. Ensuring your critical infrastructure is powered, cooled, connected, and uninterrupted starts with a future-proof design, and continues with an expert team that you can trust to bring you the most up-to-date and cost-effective technological solutions.

Our Managing Director, Nick Ewing, will explore how we source advantages for customers  using our SAFE approach to design and maintenance, from cooling system frequency through to IT and operational technologies, and the use of renewable energy.

Fluctuations in energy pricing are resulting in greater consideration of the cost of powering your systems. We advise on how to reduce the total cost of ownership of data centres over their lifespan, through cloud-based monitoring and maintenance.  Schneider Electric’s APC Smart-UPS Ultra is a recent example of a critical power protection solution leading the industry by example - delivering low lifetime maintenance costs and designed for resiliency in any IT environment. Smart-UPS Ultra are also EcoStruxure™ Ready, enabling anytime, anywhere UPS monitoring, and reduced maintenance costs.

Nick will be detailing how EfficiencyIT collaborate with our customers the whole way through the data centre modernisation process, as well as sharing his insight into customer challenges, and offering advice for those seeking to overcome similar pain points.

How do we navigate emerging risks linked to digital transformation?

Working environments are increasingly fragmented and digital, meaning the importance of reliable critical infrastructure has never been greater. A healthy, united hybrid workplace, and the trust of your customers, rely on zero downtime and no latency issues – meaning your data centre’s resilience, security and efficiency must not be allowed to crumble as your workplaces shift. Future-proofing your data centre against emerging risks linked to digital transformation is key. We’ll explore how modular data centres are designed to protect against power continuity issues and cyber security challenges, while maintaining sustainability.

Nick, Sophie and John will explore the protective measures designed into modular data centres, enabling future proofing of mission-critical systems against power continuity issues and physical and cyber security challenges, whilst keeping sustainability at the forefront.

How to book

Find the full programme and free registration details for our fireside chat with Schneider Electric at the Data Centre World website. See you there!