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We pride ourselves on successful set ups of Critical Infrastructure and our deliverables are SAFE.

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Staying alive

The heart isn’t visible but it’s vital right? You would die without one. You can’t see the critical infrastructure that lies behind every business but its’ there and it’s pumping the blood through all the right vessels to ensure it stays alive, safe and well. Technology is the vital organ to the well-being of your business and all of its assets. Making the right technology choices is crucial.

Playing SAFE

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Delivering business applications that are unrestricted by service and easy to maintain, making the components within each data environment as productive as possible.
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Delivering systems that are ‘always on’. This means minimising downtime, monitoring and measuring the availability ration to ensure client needs are consistently met. As technology evolves for end users so does the complexity of requirements for data centres in maintaining enterprise businesses. To ensure ultimate resilience regular testing is a must, we recommend a minimum of 2/3 times per year.
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The ability to scale up or down according to the business requirement. Whether you go for a basic layer, multi-tier or cluster server model – scalability and flexibility is everything. Can you continue to grow what you have, can you move what you have, all important considerations for the longevity of your DC.
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Ensuring systems and services are designed to enable operational efficiencies. Data centre efficiencies can be gained in various areas, from materials to colocation, to advancing into variable frequency cooling systems and renewable energy.

Three R's

We play by the rules, and the winning rules for success in every data centre, is largely dependent on 3 things: Resilience, Redundant, Reliable


Ensuring the components of your data centre are always robust; building an environment where a server, network, storage system is unaffected by unforeseen disruption such as power outage or equipment failure. A resilient system is in place so that users don’t notice any disruption to service.

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EIT - EfficiencyIT web graphic


Ensuring all components of your data centre have a redundancy system in place; all critical components have a secondary back up in place to ensure recovery of resource is immediate. Redundant elements mirror primary resource and kick in when systems fail.


Ensuring all software and hardware consistently perform to their specifications. Reliability is the ability and key attributes of a system or component to perform in specified conditions considered critical.

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